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Personal Pass

Why is there no General Pass this year?

The legal requirements over the course of the ongoing pandemic lead to considerable restrictions in capacity, especially when it comes to smaller venues. In the preventative concepts for medium-sized and large venues, assigned seats and personalised, non-transferable tickets are mandatory this year.

Thus, it is impossible to offer the General Pass Wien Modern 2020 in its usual form (transferable, valid for almost all performances, partially directly usable as a ticket). The number of productions might be higher than last year, but this year, an unusual number of them stay below the 200-ticket limit, which we know from experience leads to stress for the audience and the ticket sales team because of increased demand for tickets from General Pass holders.

Because these two groups – the many patrons who want to hear as much as possible, as well as the few heroically strained ticket sales workers – are close to our heart, we have thought about the best solution for a long time and are convinced that the Personal Pass, as far as possible, will make the impossible possible even in 2020.

Why is it called a Personal Pass?

The search for a new name was a chapter in and of itself. To stay with the same name could have been comparable to false labeling, and was dismissed quickly. (We discussed, among equally quickly dismissed lower military titles, Anti-Viral Pass, Collateral Pass, Femme Fatale Pass and Mackerel Pass.) In the end, we setlled in Personal Pass – which indicated on the one hand the new personalised aspect (if you opt for an English pronunciation), but on the other hand (if pronounced in the Viennese way, 'Personal' means 'staff'), highlights the alliance and connection between festival and audience, which we want to conserve at all costs for post-pandemic times.

What does it all cost?

The Personal Pass, without additional tickets, and depending on the discount, is between 25 % and 66 % cheaper than the old General Pass:

€ 99,– full price
€ 29,– for students, schoolchildren, apprentices, military and civil servants under 27 years of age, youth members of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft and the Musikverein
€ 79,– for subscribers of the Konzerthaus cycles 'Nouvelles Aventures', 'PHACE' and 'Klangforum Wien', the Musikverein cycle 'Kontrapunkte', owners of the Standard subscription card, a BankCard by Erste Bank or a Grand Ferdinand Member Card.

What's included?

One ticket each for the eight big productions of the festival 2020, which are marked in red in the calendar, as well as for three sound installations (Die Maschine, Area, Im Sattel der Zeit). Just like with the Generalpass, you also receive a copy of the festival catalogue in the value of 15 €.

For these eleven included events, you still need the individual ticket with all details printed (place, time etc.) which you can obtain with your Personal Pass either online or via the Ticket & Service Center of the Wiener Konzerthaus. Should you be unable to visit certain included events, we are grateful to you for letting us know so we can give the seats to someone else.

What to do when you want to visit more events?

A further eight productions are free of charge anyway, and three more are with encouraged donations/pay what you can. For the remaining 24 productions of the festival, you will be able to purchase tickets at the reduced price as long as stocks last.

The "impossible" all-inclusive solution of the General Pass, sadly, is truly impossible this year for the first time. Hopefully, the much-appreciated omnivores among the 'Generalpässler*innen' will still find their way to the music, if not, we ask that you contact us in case of emergency.

How does one get a Personal Pass?

The Personal Pass with all its tickets is available from now on and as long as stocks last, at the Ticket & Service Center of the Wiener Konzerthaus and here.