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Alles kann passieren

Alles kann passieren


Music Theater



  • Norbert SterkAlles kann passieren. Eine Chorprobe für zwölf Vokalist*innen, Ensemble und Dirigent (2021 UA) - 30'


  • Norbert Sterk: Musik
  • Doron Rabinovici: Libretto
  • Florian Klenk: Idee
  • Ensemble Interpunkt
  • Thomas Diestler
  • Tanja Elisa Glinser
  • Evert Sooster
  • Katrin Targo
  • Elisabeth Hillinger: Sopran
  • Andrea Seemayer: Alt
  • Gyrðir Viktorsson: Tenor
  • Stefan Slamanig: Bass
  • María Kjartansdóttir: Sopran
  • Christoph List: Alt
  • Jacobsen Woollen: Tenor
  • Samo Lampichler: Bass
  • ensemble reconsil
  • Mirjam Schiestl: Klarinette
  • Thomas Schön: Saxophon
  • Luis Abicht: Trompete
  • Clemens Hofer: Posaune
  • Christian Pollheimer: Percussion
  • Alfred Melichar: Akkordeon
  • Julia Maly: Violine
  • Maria Frodl: Violoncello
  • Elisabeth Rakowitz: Kontrabass
  • Michael Schneider: Leitung
  • Michael Scheidl: Inszenierung

Listening to the speeches of politicians as if they were arias or cleverly arranged music, I began to compose, paying attention to their rhythmic peculiarities, their compass, colour, sound and prosody. Was it hypocritically breathed, whispered, purred or delivered with a rough twang, screaming or with soothing gentleness? Did the speakers know how to use their voice with a pithy or thin tone, full of seemingly genuine emotion? Were the lies audible by the sound of the voice alone? Does the mood affect the voice? Does it turn or end abruptly? When does a voice seem to stumble, crumble or shift hysterically, talk away insecurities hesitantly or forcefully? When does a closure of the vocal folds sound determined? As if looking through a magnifying glass, I tried to observe speech and word in their sound alone, to make the different physiognomies of the voices shine through composing, to listen deep beneath their outer skin, to tease out their commonalities and unite them in a kind of hurricane of voices. As soon as the tongue articulates, drumming delicately against the forming mouth, the measured stream of breath keeps the determined vocal folds in motion – the instrumental ensemble oscillates, too; a sounding seismograph of the bashful as well as the brazen, the depressing as well as the euphoric contents, a kind of vibrating detector. (Norbert Sterk)

Produktion netzzeit mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Stadt Wien Kultur und SKE, Koproduktion Wien Modern, Kooperation ORF RadioKulturhaus