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Pia Palme

Pia Palme


Music Theater, Immersive

Pia Palme: Wechselwirkung


  • Pia PalmeWechselwirkung (2019–2020)


  • Sonja Leipold: Cembalo
  • Molly McDolan: Oboe da caccia
  • Juliet Fraser: Stimme, Tanz
  • Veronika Mayerböck: Licht
  • Christina Bauer: Klangregie, Live-Elektronik
  • Christina Lessiak: Künstlerische Mitarbeit
  • Irene Lehmann: Dramaturgische Beratung
  • Paola Bianchi: Konzept, Choreografie, Tanz
  • Pia Palme: Idee, Konzeption, Komposition, Texte
  • Lars Mlekusch: Dirigent

Bodies moving, in space. She sings, wheezes, breathes – standing, turning – she kneels, lies, rolls before my feet, her high voice walks along, I can hear it down to my soles. Get lost in these tense bodies crawling all over the dance floor. Trembling. So close to these people. Don’t stop singing now! She remembers: loneliness. She wants to be alone and doesn’t. The sound of the words fascinates her, she listens inward, reading: Lasciatemi mori, then and now. She sighs: how do you rehearse, how do you compose, and please, how do you successfully plan a music theater performance during this pandemic?

She thinks and writes:
How to build a bridge to the other shore,
which twists,
can’t be measured out in the fog?

This transdisciplinary collaboration consists of the composer Pia Palme, the dancer/choreographer Paola Bianchi, the singer Juliet Fraser, the dramaticist Irene Lehmann and the musicologist Christina Lessiak. They have been working since 2019 on the art-research project ‘Wechselwirkung’ (mutual reaction) and more projects in Graz and Vienna. This growing collaborative structure surrounding Pia Palme developed from earlier projects with Juliet Fraser (since 2012, 2015 Mordacious Lips, to Dust) and Paola Bianchi (2013, ABSTRIAL). The group’s experimental approach is rooted in the reciprocal influence of the individual actors and the interconnectedness of their different practices and pools of knowledge. (Pia Palme)

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Produktion FWF PEEK Projekt »On the fragility of Sounds« AR 537
mit Unterstützung der Kunstuniversität Graz
Koproduktion Wien Modern