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Klaus Lang


Concert, Immersive, Organ

Klaus Lang: tönendes licht.


  • Klaus Langtönendes licht für Orgel und räumlich verteiltes Orchester (2020 UA) - 50'
    Auftrag Wien Modern


  • Wiener Symphoniker
  • Klaus Lang: Orgel
  • Wolfgang Kogert: Orgel
  • Peter Rundel: Leitung

Klaus Lang’s expertise when it comes to tuning across musical history is almost unequalled. But he’s never going to explain his music in detailed technical terms. His titles are reminiscent of the Koans of Zen masters, his commentary of his own work is often fantastical, his shortest biography has a humble irony (“Klaus Lang likes to eat chocolate”), and all of this is an apt preparation for the paradoxical experience of listening to his discreet, but enigmatical and seductive music. His new piece at last year’s festival can be described as addictive: we are glad to be able to satisfy the rising demand not only with the publication of the most recent vinyl edition, but also with three festival evenings on the 11th, the 26th – and especially – on the 19th November. The Wiener Symphoniker spread throughout St Stephen’s Cathedral (A = 443 Hz) and Wolfgang Kogert on the new gigantic organ (A = depending on air temperature) are playing under the direction of Peter Rundel what will be a premiere of an evening-long organ concert.

Produktion Wien Modern
Koproduktion Wiener Symphoniker