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Isabel Mundry

Isabel Mundry




  • Peter Zumthor stellt Fragen an Isabel Mundry


What we see or don’t see, who is seen or isn’t is a social-cultural phenomenon: perspective influences belonging, inclusion or exclusion. Isabel Mundry traces the invisible with a composed spatial constellation that moves in itself. This large new production in the Reaktor at the end of the festival week curated together with Peter Zumthor will be complemented by PHACE, Arditti Quartet & Co. on the following two days with further chamber and vocal compositions by the composer.

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  1. 11/22/2023 18:00, ISABEL MUNDRY: INVISIBLE | PETER ZUMTHOR 19
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  2. 11/22/2023 20:30, ISABEL MUNDRY: INVISIBLE | PETER ZUMTHOR 19
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Kuratiert von Peter Zumthor, Stephan Pauly und Bernhard Günther
Produktion Wien Modern
Kooperation Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien
Im Rahmen der Musikverein Perspektiven: Peter Zumthor