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Festival Pass

Just three days after the festival opening, the Wien Modern Festival Pass 2023 broke the barrier of 750 issued passes, which is a significant improvement on the record set in 2022. We are delighted, thank you very much for the great interest!

Due to the strong demand, some individual events at venues with limited seating capacity are already sold out. For the sake of the audience, it is important to us to avoid sudden bottlenecks at venues such as the Jesuitenkirche, the Reaktor, the Berio-Saal or the Odeon as much as we can. For this reason, the sale of festival passes has now ended (passes already ordered in your name can still be collected). At the respective venues, we will provide tickets and waiting lists for pass holders on a first come, first served basis.

We would like to point out that with the Wien Modern quantity discount you can still purchase individual tickets at a greatly reduced price, as long as stocks last.

Thank you for your interest and patience. We wish you a wonderful festival!


The Wien Modern Festival Pass 2023 is very simple: it is valid directly as an admission ticket for 22 productions. Tickets for all other paid events cost only € 5 with the pass, as long as stocks last. The pass itself costs 120 €, or between 48 € and 96 € with a discount. A festival catalogue worth 15 € is already included and can be picked up with the pass at most events from the festival opening onwards. The pass, as well as additional tickets, are available in our webshop and at the Ticket & Service Centre of the Wiener Konzerthaus. The pass is transferable.

  • For 22 productions the pass is valid directly as an admission ticket without further tickets, seat assignments or reservations.
  • The festival catalogue worth 15 € is included.
  • 15 additional productions cost 5 € each with the pass instead of up to 46 €, while stocks last. This includes productions with multiple performance dates or price categories to choose from, as well as events with limited seating capacity.
  • Alice in Odeon cost 15 € each with the pass instead of 34/42 €.
  • Free admission for 16 other productions, 2 others with voluntary donation. Numerous accompanying events ranging from workshops to talks are also free.

120 € Full price | 96 € with Konzerthaus subscription NA, PHA or KFW, Musikverein subscription Kontrapunkte, Standard-Vorteilskarte, BankCard of Erste Bank or Grand Ferdinand Member Card | 48 € <27 years of age