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One Song

One Song




  • Miet WarlopOne Song. Histoire(s) du théâtre IV (2022–2023) - 60'


  • Mit Simon Beeckaert, Elisabeth Klinck, Willem Lenaerts, Milan Schudel, Melvin Slabbinck,:
  • Joppe Tanghe, Karin Tanghe, Wietse Tanghe, Imran Alam, Stanislas Bruynseels, Judith Engelen,:
  • Floa Van Canneyt:
  • Jeroen Olyslaegers: Textberatung
  • Maarten Van Cauwenberghe: Musik
  • Bart Van Hoydonck: Sounddesign
  • Carol Piron: Kostüme
  • Files á Papa: Kostüme
  • Dennis Diels: Lichtdesign
  • Giacomo Bisordi: Dramaturgie
  • Miet Warlop: Konzept, Leitung, Regie, Text

“Knock knock / Who’s there? / It’s your grief from the past / Not possible / For all time sake / Cause / Grief is like a rock / In your head / It’s hard, it’s rough / It’s just always there / It’s salty / I can taste it on the drop / Rolling down my nose / Grief is like a rock …” As the title suggests, One Song by Flemish choreographer Miet Warlop consists of a single song, one which you will have heard fairly often by the end of the evening. In fact, to the point of exhaustion of everyone involved. When NTGent asked Miet Warlop (after Milo Rau, Faustin Linyekula and Angélica Liddell) to stage her story as a theatre-maker for the Histoire(s) du théâtre series, she responded to the grief over the death of her brother with a hypnotic stage ritual that oscillates between concert and tournament, in which music and movement lead the audience straight into a state of trance. Twelve performers enter a kind of gymnasium in which they invoke the human condition with the aid of singing, musical instruments, sports equipment, dance, oxygen and sweat, working themselves deep into a rush of adrenaline.

More events

  1. 11/10/2023 19:30, MIET WARLOP: ONE SONG
    Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G more

Dank an Kris Auman, Barbara Vackier, Jasper Houttekiet, Familie Warlop, Rossana Miele, Lotte Van Craeynest, Christel Simons, Patrick Vanderhaegen, Diana Campbell Betancourt
Produktion NTGent & Miet Warlop/Irene Wool vzw
Koproduktion Festival d’Avignon, DE SINGEL (Antwerpen), Tandem Scène Nationale (Arras-Douai), Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne Centre dramatique national, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, La Comédie de Valence – Centre dramatique national Drôme – Ardèche, Teatre Lliure Barcelona
Unterstützt von Frans Brood productions
Eine Veranstaltung von Tanzquartier Wien und Wien Modern