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Kontrabass von Adam Pendleton. Blackness, White, and Light

Kontrabass von Adam Pendleton. Blackness, White, and Light




  • Guillermo LagoCiudades (Cities) (2011)
    1. Köln (Deutschland) 2. Addis Ababa (Äthiopien)
  • Elisabeth HarnikShi-Shi Odoshi I (2001) - 5'
  • Jenni BrandonMetamorphosis (2018) - 7'
  • Sophie SchöningDie lebenden Mumie (2023 UA) - 5'
  • David MayerPunkt vor Strich (2023 UA) - 6'
  • Emil CavicGigantomachie (2023 UA) - 3'
  • Miloš TodorovskiTango 5 (2023) - 5'
  • James TenneyHaving never written a note for percussion (1971) - 15'


The mumok presents the first comprehensive, European solo exhibition of the New York-based artist Adam Pendleton. Pendleton develops his painting in the form of a continuous index that registers, transposes and overwrites gestures. In the exhibition on Level 0, students from the Music Schools of the City of Vienna will perform works selected for the exhibition. The program is traditionally only announced at short notice, but one thing is for certain: the Matinée petite always guarantees a vivid concert experience for young and old.

Produktion mumok - museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien
Kooperation Musikschule Wien, Wien Modern und IGNM Sektion Österreich