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Mondrian Ensemble

Mondrian Ensemble




  • Thomas WallyCaprice (2009) - 12'
  • Martin JaggiKôrd I (2017) - 6'
  • Kôrd II (2017)
  • Kôrd III (2017) - 10'
  • Plod on (2007) - 9'
  • Thomas WallyLes îles des nombres III. Klavierquartett Nr. 2 (2019 EA) - 11'
  • ... jusqu'à l'aurore ...: Caprice (IV) bleu. Klavierquartett Nr. 1 (2012) - 14'


Mondrian Ensemble, Martin Jaggi & Thomas Wally – this combination is no coincidence: The Basel (and a little Vienna)-based quartet presents two composers from Vienna and Basel who have often crossed paths with the ensemble. Martin Jaggi is a co-founder of Mondrian Ensemble and was its cellist from 2000 to 2013. This formation for chamber music was described, in 2018, at the Schweizer Musikpreis, as “daring bridge builders”.

Thomas Wally still knows Ivana Pristašová and Petra Ackermann from their time in Vienna and has composed two piano quartets for Mondrian Ensemble, which can be heard at the concert at Reaktor as well as on the portrait CD, published by col legno, which will be presented to the public during this Wien Modern concert.

Produktion Wien Modern
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Pro Helvetia Kulturstiftung