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Iguazu Superior

Iguazú Superior




  • Georg Friedrich HaasIguazú superior, antes de descender por la Garganta del Diablo (Fassung für 1 bis 10 Klangwerke) (2018/2020 UA)


  • Motus Percussion: Klangwerkensemble
  • Christoph Sietzen: Klangwerk, Musikalische Leitung
  • Leonard Schmidinger: Klangwerk
  • Airi Kitamura: Klangwerk
  • Nico Gerstmayer: Klangwerk
  • Miguel Llorente: Klangwerk
  • Maria Monleon: Klangwerk
  • Akisato Takeo: Klangwerk
  • Sebastian Wielandt: Klangwerk
  • Yehor Tereshchenko: Klangwerk
  • Bogdan Bacanu: Klangwerk

"As spectacular as the Iguazú Falls are (we were there in November, in the South American spring, the rivers were rich with water) – the most impressive thing was the hike above the falls, from where they could only be heard, but not seen. For hours the path went flat over small bridges and islands, the water below passed through, visibly speeding up, and disappeared from view, and we knew that in a few minutes it would plunge down hundreds of metres in free fall." (Georg Friedrich Haas) The acceleration of gigantic quantities of water on the border between Argentina and Brazil (312 times that of Austria‘s largest waterfalls in Krimml) led Georg Friedrich Haas to compose a rhythmic infinite spiral for ten soundmakers – to be discovered during a walk in the MAK.

Produktion Wien Modern
Koproduktion Gerald Hanisch und Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz