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Enno Poppe

Enno Poppe





Open spaces are the promise of Offene Räume by Georg Friedrich Haas, which will open this Sunday matinee at the Musikverein – and for once that can be taken literally: The concert begins downstairs in the foyer and in the former carriage passage, where the audience can move around transparent sound spaces for a quarter of an hour. Then, in the Golden Hall, the magnificent Ensemble Resonanz, string orchestra in residence at the Elbphilharmonie, presents a quartet miniature from the precise hand of Mark Andre, followed by Milica Djordjević's glittering rock sample from Serbia, Jadarit. Under the title Wald, composer and conductor Enno Poppe takes us deep into the dark, dense sound web of 4 x 4 precious string instruments. Finally, Isabel Mundry arranges echoes and interactions between two solo pianos, two string groups and percussion.

Produktion Wien Modern
Kooperation Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien