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Chaya Czernowin

Chaya Czernowin





  • James DillonThe Gates (2016 EA) - 33'
  • Chaya CzernowinAtara. Ein Lamento für Orchester und zwei verstärkte Stimmen mit einem Text von Zohar Eitan (2021 UA) - 38'
    Kompositionsauftrag Wien Modern und Bayerischer Rundfunk / musica viva


The impressive dimensions of the wooden torii in front of the traditional Japanese Shintō temples will make the Arditti Quartet be heard in an orchestral setting this time. The Gates, the masterful concerto for string quartet and orchestra by London composer James Dillon, who has worked closely with the string quartet for four decades, evokes, reminiscent of the temple gates; "a border, the point where one territory ends and another begins". According to the composer: "Every piece of music exists on this border between the heard and the unheard, between the bars, between the mundane and the spiritual".

Huge masses will be brought to the stage, too, in the midst of the orchestra, for the world premiere for Sofia Jernberg and Holger Falk: "At the beginning of 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I had a clear concept for the orchestral piece: a piece that shows large blocks of orchestral masses that drift closer and away from each other again and again through huge, unpredictable forces. The piece was to be a lament, a lament about the hubris us humans have to believe that we can control everything around us, and a reminder that instead, there are unsuspected forces that move us and our environment. I had no idea that in March 2020 our world would come to a halt and our loss of control over nature would be so staggeringly revealed." (Chaya Czernowin)

Produktion Wien Modern in Koproduktion mit dem RSO Wien

Produktion Wien Modern in Koproduktion mit dem RSO Wien