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Sofia Gubaidulina




Claudio Abbado Konzert: Portrait Sofia Gubaidulina


  • Sofia GubaidulinaKonzert für Viola und Orchester (1996) - 34'
  • Der Zorn Gottes (2019 UA) - 18'
    Auftrag Osterfestspiel Salzburg
  • Sofia GubaidulinaStimmen ... verstummen .... Symphonie in zwölf Sätzen (1986 EA) - 34'


“A transition like that from a minor second to a major second is banal and absolutely uninteresting. But when we have this additional room, […] it becomes impactful. Like this, the form gets a face.”

Sofia Gubaidulina, born on the 24th October 1931 in the Tatar Chistopol and resident near Hamburg for the past 30 years, creates dramatic effects with subtle overtones. Her extraordinary use of colours, emotions, expression and dramatics has earned her high praise from Hollywood on the way – she is the oldest member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 1989, she was the first female composer invited to Wien Modern. In 2020, Wien Modern and the RSO Vienna dedicate a special portrait in the Musikverein to her – with Antoine Tamestit performing the powerful solo part of the viola concert, the conductor Oksana Lyniv in her RSO debut and a fifth overall attempt to bring Gubaidulina’s new orchestral work Der Zorn Gottes (God’s Fury) to the stage.

Produktion Wien Modern
Koproduktion RSO Wien

Produktion Wien Modern
Koproduktion RSO Wien