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Corona Special

A conscious consideration of the art of communal music listening. Taking pleasure in trying out new event formats. Being thankful for an old experience – every successful concert is a small miracle. The year 2020 does have the potential to show you Wien Modern from its best side.

To ensure that concert visitors, artists and team members can enjoy the 33rd edition of the festival, which we have courageously and responsibly announced even under pandemic conditions, we need a few rules. Sadly, we can’t yet tell you with 100% certainty what these rules will look like in autumn, because they depend on health policy demands, which can change at any time. For this reason, we are especially grateful to all participants this year who bring flexibility and patience, partly because the festival can’t offer all of the flexibility we usually champion – transferable General Passes and tickets, centralised pre-sales, free seating, spontaneous reactions to a last minute crowd at the box office, break refreshments at as many places as possible, straightforward admission with the General Pass without tickets, generosity with stipends and receptions, and much more.

Of course, when it comes to personal responsibility, we trust our audience and our artists: should you experience the relevant symptoms or feel ill while not currently testing negative for COVID-19, please refrain from going to our events at all costs and stay at home.

Please wear a mask from when you enter the event venue until you reach your seat, as well as on the way back to the exit – a nose and mouth covering that has been put on correctly is as compulsory here as it is on public transport. At events that allow free movement, the mask is compulsory during the performance as well. There is a possibility that during autumn, wearing masks continuously will become compulsory in closed event spaces.

Hygiene of the hands especially (washing, disinfecting, no handshakes, no touching the face) and distance to others (no less than 1 meter, ideally over 2 meters) are among the most important precautions. Whether you prefer to remember this through the famous Austrian baby elephant or imaginary garlic breath, which is recommended by scientist Linsey Marr as a mnemonic for aerosols, is completely up to you.

Speaking of which: this year, we are making a point of providing enough fresh air in our event spaces, which might mean that certain particularly quiet moments will be accompanied by subtle ventilation noise – we are usually very strict when it comes to moments of silence, but this time it’s for a good cause.

Should you ever feel the need to cough or sneeze during a concert (as is custom), please always do this into your elbow.

Intermissions, including buffets and pre- or post-concert talks, might become impossible in some venues or even in general. We are working on solutions but we cannot eliminate the possibility that we might have to shorten certain evening programmes if precautionary measures become more strict.

Where it is necessary to reserve in advance, please do not think of this as optional and do get your ticket / reservation early, because we cannot guarantee admission otherwise.

Personalised tickets are important due to the requirement of quick contact tracing for the authorisation of any event. In certain venues, we will ask you for your contact details. Of course, we will treat these in accordance with data protection regulation and only use them when instructed by the government.

If events should be cancelled or capacity should be reduced unexpectedly, you will evidently be reimbursed for the price of your tickets.

Thank you for your attention and have fun at Wien Modern!

Last updated: 24.8.2020