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Mark Andre

Mark Andre




  • Mark Andrerwh 1–4. Konzert-Zyklus in vier Teilen (2017–2022 EA) - 80'


The breath of the world: Mark Andre’s spiritual magnum opus rwh 1–4 is being performed for the first time in Austria at Wien Modern – at the composer’s request at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. Almost on the threshold of hearing, in a place with just enough air to sustain life, an astonishing, gigantic, gentle organism of sound moves through space. In rwh 1–4, Mark Andre’s music achieves an unparalleled intensity.

“‘rwh’ (pronounced ‘ruach’) is an Aramaic word and opens up a very wide semantic field: it has to do with breath, air, fragrance and wind, but also spirit – and, at least since Martin Luther’s translation, the Holy Spirit. This semantic field is feminine, i.e. unlike in our minds, the Holy Spirit is a feminine concept. With its multitude of meanings, the title creates a wonderful link between that which is wholly earthly and existential, for example breathing, and that which is heavenly and spiritual.” (Mark Andre)

St. Stephen's Cathedral has little heating, very warm clothing is recommended.

Produktion Wien Modern
Dank an die Domkirche St. Stephan und Kunst & Kultur – ohne Grenzen