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Junge Musik





  • Schüler:innen der Musikschule Wien / Tanzabteilung:
  • Cordula Bösze: Dramaturgie, Moderation
  • Holger Busch: Dramaturgie, Organisation

The Junge Musik Project is a collaboration between the International Society for New Music (IGNM) and the music schools of the city of Vienna. The aim of the concerts, workshops and lectures is to bring young people and their teachers closer to contemporary music. When possible, composers are also invited to the concert preparations. The IGNM also regularly organizes workshops and meetings with composers in these music schools, which don’t always have to end in public performances. The Junge Musik is guided and assisted by the ensemble Klangforum Wien: Should there be any questions about playing technique in the scores, should respective instruments require further exploration, the musicians of the Klangforum are available to help the students and their teachers with advice and rehearsals. Junge Musik is organized by Cordula Bösze (IGNM) and Holger Busch (Music Schools of the City of Vienna). By now, they have a long-standing cooperation with the festival Wien Modern and, for some years now, also with the mumok – museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien. And finally, in 2023, for the first time, the dance department of the Music Schools of the City of Vienna will also be part of the concert at Wien Modern, which has been in the works since 2021 but only came together this year.

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