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Judith Unterpertinger

Judith Unterpertinger




  • Judith Unterpertinger aka JUUNZeitenverwesung II (2022–2023 UA) - 55'
    Kompositionsauftrag Wien Modern und Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien


Composing means to think through the simultaneity of the dimensions of time. It can be compared to a multidimensional process. Every sequence of notes, every colour, sketch, pulse, rhythmic mode, every extra- and intra-musical idea has its own time. [...] In order to bring a piece into a unity, i.e. to bring all individual times together into a world of time, to fix them and to write them down; first, a stasis, a standstill must be created. In a sense, a suspension from time that allows us to observe a form in order to write it down and then develop it further. Therein lies the process of composing: a fluctuating back and forth between times and stasis. The rectangular shape of the cloister in Klosterneuburg Abbey invites one to wander, to linger, to listen intensely, to sink into time. (Judith Unterpertinger)

Kuratiert von Peter Zumthor, Stephan Pauly und Bernhard Günther
Produktion Wien Modern
Kooperation Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien und Stift Klosterneuburg
Im Rahmen der Musikverein Perspektiven: Peter Zumthor