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Anna Prohaska

Anna Prohaska




  • György KurtágKafka-Fragmente op. 24 für Sopran und Violine (Text: Franz Kafka) (1985–1986) - 60'


  • Anna Prohaska: Sopran
  • Isabelle Faust: Violine

Anna Prohaska musste aus gesundheitlichen Gründen leider kurzfristig absagen. Das Konzert wird verschoben auf Donnerstag 02.02.2023 20:00 Uhr am selben Ort. Tickets gibt es hier.

"The four parts of the composition contain 40 songs of various lengths, centred around motifs of travel and paths. The texts range from a fleeting note to a draft of a story. They touch on existential questions from Kafka, which Kurtág, at the same time, approached in their philosophical dimension and which he faced in a very personal way through his own experiences of fleeing: "We crawled through the dust, a pair of snakes". (Marta and György Kurtág)

«But it’s also testament to the consummate chemistry between Anna Prohaska and Isabelle Faust. Across the whole cycle their intuitive rapport never falters, and, feeding off each other, the sparks they generate meld the fragments into something greater than the sum of their parts.»
(Paul Riley, Classical Music / BBC Music Magazine, 9. September 2022)

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