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Marino Formenti

Marino Formenti





The whole day is dedicated to seeing the paintings of Georg Baselitz, which are exhibited in a room of their own at the Albertina. Parallel to this, we listen to music. For several hours. A work by the composer Morton Feldman, who made references to paintings and painters in many of his pieces, for example to Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem De Kooning or Philip Guston. The four-hour piece dedicated to Philip Guston is played live in the exhibition hall on a loop: repeated many times, without a break, over 14 hours. A bridge from music to painting, then, in an installative concert situation where you can linger to see the paintings in the presence of the music and hear the music in the presence of the paintings. You can come and go at any time and stay as long as you like. (Marino Formenti)

Kuratiert von Stephan Pauly, Georg Baselitz und Bernhard Günther
Produktion Albertina, Musikverein und Wien Modern