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Georg Friedrich Haas

Georg Friedrich Haas


DURCH VERGIFTETE ZEITEN. MEMOIREN EINES NAZIBUBEN. Buchpräsentation der Autobiografie von Georg Friedrich Haas


The autobiographical writings of the composer Georg Friedrich Haas, born in Graz in 1953, are an important document of great rarity in contemporary history. They describe a complex Austrian family history in the context of National Socialism after the Second World War. Haas describes his grandfather Fritz Haas (Headmaster of the Vienna University of Technology 1938-1942) as the "Übervater" of his family, whose ideological connection to the Nazi regime is illuminated, as well as his activity in the post-war period. With great meticulousness, emotional strength and a clear analysis of society as a whole, Haas gives a detailed inside view of a German nationalist / National Socialist circle and tells of his departure from this milieu – his way out.

Produktion Böhlau Verlag Wien und Technische Universität Wien / Forschungsbereich Hochbau – Konstruktion und Entwerfen
Kooperation Wien Modern