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Svetlana Maraš

Svetlana Maraš




  • Mark Andreüg (2007–2008) - 20'
  • Svetlana MarašWigmaker (2022 EA) - 10'
    Kompositionsauftrag Black Page Orchestra und Wien Modern
  • Raphaël CendoBerlin toccata (2019 EA)
  • Hugo Morales MurguiaVortices generated in Fluis such as air (2018 EA)
  • Bára GisladóttirMusic to Accompany you sweet splatter dreams (2019 EA) - 6'
  • Fausto RomitelliProfessor Bad Trip: Lesson III (2000) - 15'


The Black Page Orchestra, something like the punk band among Vienna's new music ensembles, dedicates an evening to Vertigo to kick off its concert series at the Musikverein: between mystical inwardness, hyper-saturated avalanches of sound and psychedelic dream worlds, changes in perspective and shifts in perception evoke states of vertigo – from movement illusions to the wobbling of reality.

Produktion Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien und Black Page Orchestra
Kooperation Wien Modern