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The International Nothing

The International Nothing




  • In Trout We Dust. Ein Film über das internationale Nichts (Idee, Regie, Kamera: Dieter Kovačič, 2019) - 34'
  • Kai Fagaschinski, Michael ThiekeJust None of Those Things (2019–2021) - 42'


  • The International Nothing: Duo
  • Kai Fagaschinski: Klarinette
  • Michael Thieke: Klarinette
  • Christina Bauer: Klangregie

The music of The International Nothing achieves the impossible. It sounds like spatial and electronic effects – and needs only two clarinets. It relies on radical reduction and minimalist aesthetics – and in its breathtaking, microscopic precision, it opens up wild, jagged listening landscapes. Without any drama or fanfare, it creates length like Beethoven's Pastoral. Two and a half years of obsessive work have gone into Just None of Those Things – and the result is as light as a feather. Intimate and extremely living room appropriate (freiStil already declared it the "Record of the Year" in May 2022), the music of The International Nothing has epic proportions. That's why it can be experienced live at the Gartenbaukino at the closing of Wien Modern. First portrait film, then party.

Just None of Those Things is a long composition rich in detail that shows the two of them at their – literally – dizzying best. Who is playing where and are those really just two clarinets? Questions over questions, but in the end there is only one certainty: this is the most elegant, meticulous musical mindfuck of the year. (Field Notes 2/2022)

Phrases and effects cycle on and on, but as they do there is a constant transformation, shifting between woozy undulation, hypnotic gliding, and pointillistic splattering. But the duo pushed those micro permutations into ever-shifting terrain, flowing from sequence to sequence with an elusive but unerring logic that’s deeply satisfying and conceptually whole. You need to be willing to surrender to the music, because that’s when the freedom kicks in. (Peter Margasak, The Wire 3/2022)

It’s the sonic picture of a quiet place from which to project one’s own desire for a genuine improvement. (Massimo Ricci, Squid’s Ear 8/2022)

Produktion Wien Modern