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Lina Maria Gärtner

Office Management + Development

Mag.a Lina Gärtner (*1985 in Salzburg, lives in Vienna) read Slavonic Studies in Graz, Odessa and Moscow and gained festival experience during her studies while working for steirischer herbst. By way of Elevate Festival Graz, Popfest Wien as well as Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, she finally came to Wien Modern. Additionally, Lina Gärtner is a musician, starting out in her youth in a band where every member played the instrument she was the least proficient in. Later, she played in several bands with rules that were slightly less strict: as guitarist in the No Wave group "Lady Lynch", in the post-punk band "Just Friends and Lovers" and as guitarist in the punk band "Lonesome Hot Dudes". She also organises concert evenings every once in a while and helps to organise the Pink Noise Girls Rock Camp.