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Kathi Wiesler

Press & Marketing

Kathi Wiesler (*1984 in Graz) studied German Studies in Graz and Bristol (UK). During her studies she was working as assistant director at Schauspielhaus Graz and as student staff at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Institute of Musicology), as well as writing articles and blog posts on various forms of pop music (heavypop.at, noisey, Skug, The Gap, Biorama). At Graz festivals steirischer herbst and Elevate she worked in the press and communication department. In 2021, she worked on the CIVA (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art) and Summerfestival festivals as web and social media editor. She gained PR experience at the Viennese agency Himmelhoch before coming to SKYunlimited in 2020. Katharina Wiesler is also active as a DJ under the name "Adriana Celentana", as a concert and workshop organiser and for the cultural association Grrrls. She lives in Vienna and Graz.