Life on the edge of the milky way

The interface between film and television and contemporary music is one of the main focal points of the 27th edition of WIEN MODERN and its «on screen» series. In any discussion and debate about media such as TV and film and different social media platforms, the screen is one common denominator.

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The WIEN MODERN Festival will once again cast a rich web of contemporary music-making across the entire city of Vienna. As in previous years, the festival's upcoming season combines both tradition and innovation. It seeks to cross boundaries, pique audience's curiosity about contemporary art-making, as well as to question, highlight and overthrow established classical concert formats and propose and discuss new ones. 

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Focal point: Life on the edge of the milky way

The Composer Bernhard Gander

Bernhard Gander © Ingrid Götz

Bernhard Gander's compositions rock the foundations of the ivory tower that contemporary music is frequently perceived to be in their enthralling combination of the soundworld of classical orchestral instruments with the «less beautiful» ones of contemporary music. The composer from eastern Tyrol has never tried to hide or make any excuses for a deep love of heavy metal music that dates back to his youth: tatoos of skulls and skeletons adorn his forearms and he proudly sported a T-shirt of the death metal band, Cannibal Corpse, when he was presented with the Ernst Krenek Prize of the city of Vienna. 

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Focal point: Life on the edge of the milky way


The EBF (European Bureau of Future), Milchstraße 142a, Klosterneuburg, set up in 1990, is a «Think Tank» with a network of international connections all across the world, which examines and elaborates the burning issues of our time, such as population growth, migration, identity, the environment, labour, in short the future of Europe and beyond.

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